Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Expect rupee to depreciate on weak global cues: Angel

Angel Broking's report on currencies -

US Dollar Index
The US Dollar Index (DX) gained by 0.1 percent in yesterday’s trading session on the back of rise in risk aversion in the global market sentiments in the later part of the trade which led to increase in demand for the low yielding currency.

Further, expectations that US Federal Reserve will trim its bond buying program also supported an upside in the currency. The currency touched an intra-day high of 83.0 and closed at 82.80 on Tuesday. However, sharp upside in the currency was capped as a result of favorable economic data from the US.

The Indian Rupee appreciated by 0.5 percent in the yesterday’s trading session. The currency appreciated on account of restrictions imposed by the central bank of India which eased the concerns over the coun current account deficit.

Additionally, upbeat domestic market sentiments in the early part of the trade supported an upside in the currency. The currency touched an intra-day high of 56.40 and closed at 56.48 against dollar on Tuesday. However, sharp upside was capped as result of strength in the DX. Further, weak global markets in the later part of the trade restricted positive movement in the Rupee.

For the month of June 2013, FII outflows totaled at Rs.81.90 crores (USD 14.60 million) as on 4th June 2013. Year to date basis, net capital inflows stood at Rs.83,123.20 crores (USD 15,338.40 million) till 4 2013.

Outlook: From the intra-day perspective, we expect Indian Rupee to depreciate on the back of weak global market sentiments coupled with strength in the DX. Further, expectation of unfavorable services PMI data from the country will exert downside pressure on the currency.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dignity and the land

When hard times arrive, as they have for generations, some Vermonters have turned to the land for help.

#In this land of a thousand hills, the soil has—with its ubiquitous rocks, verdant woodlands, and edible wildlife—helped define our character. In modern times, the land has mattered less for ex-urban and suburban dwellers moving here, but for some poor folks this land has been their insurance policy.

#A few weeks ago, I watched a father and son scavenge large pieces of wood in front of a well-appointed house in Salisbury. The wood scraps they picked looked like the remains of a recently downed sugar maple tree. The tree was probably blown down during the violent wind storm of Dec. 21, 2012.

#The duo filled up the back of a rusty pickup truck with the free timber and then sped off to parts unknown.

#For the non-native property owner, I am sure the dead sugar maple was just so much worthless vegetable matter which needed to be removed from the landscape. But for father and son, this collected wood could either serve to heat the house for a week or become firewood-for-sale.

#A few days later, a solitary man—wearing a faded jean jacket—was walking along Route 7 north of Rutland Town picking up discarded soda and beer containers and placing them in a large, plastic trash bag.

#My guess is that this itinerant collector wasn’t interested in getting a jump on Green Up Day; instead, he was turning roadside trash into cash via Vermont’s Bottle Bill. So, thanks to all the lazy litter bugs traveling that stretch of Route 7, the land provides for those who would dare “harvest” it.

#Quaker Rowland Evans Robinson of Ferrisburgh once observed that hardscrabble Vermonters of the 19th century showed their “independence, the pure air of heaven to breathe, and the blessed privilege of daily communion with nature” in spite of their material poverty. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Verrückte Boxershorts BawBags nun im Handel

Die ausgefallene schottische Unterwäschemarke BawBags mit seinen verrückten Designs ist seit Anfang November 2012 in Deutschland und Österreich erhältlich. Zwischenzeitlich sind die BawBags im Handel zu finden. In Bayern sind die BawBags bei Titus in Rosenheim, Ridersheaven in Sonthofen, Trick 17 Lukesch & Schützenberger in Passau, OutofBounds in Oberstdorf und X-World Skateshop in Herzogenaurach erwerbbar.

Außerdem sind die ausgefallenen Boxershorts noch bei PDM Beach Shop in Potsdam, Intersport Ebli in Griesheim und Icecream Sportartikel in Köln zu kaufen. Die Freestyle Boxershorts sind alternativ auch Online im Web unter zu erwerben.

Die eShop Manager AG vertreibt BawBags in Deutschland. Sie bietet Unternehmen Dienstleistungen im Bereich eCommerce-Unterstützung an und hat ihren Sitz in Ottobrunn in der Nähe von München.

Das Unternehmen sucht auch noch Praktikanten oder Festangestellte in den Bereichen Marketing, Verwaltung und Vertrieb. Mehr Informationen unter

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3rd Nepal Human Rights Int'l Film Festival concludes

The 3rd Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival came to a conclusion on Sunday. The festival opened on Thursday at the Nepal Tourism Board with the screening of ‘Saving Face’ directed by Daniel Junge and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

Gail Mooney’s ‘Opening Our Eyes’ which follows 11 ordinary but inspiring people around the world was the closing film. After the screening, aspiring filmmakers and interested people sat through a Master Class conducted by Dan Wolman, Israeli director of ‘Gei Oni’. The talk was divided into three parts where he talked about independent filmmaking, the history of Israeli cinema and his works.

Purna Singh Baraily, Festival Director and Chairperson of the Human Rights Film Center, said that they were very excited and happy with the response garnered by the festival. “There was a very good response and I believe we had around 5000 people during the four days of the festival. We will take this as an encouragement and create a better festival for the coming year,” he said.

25 films from countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Norway, Japan, Egypt, Israel, and USA were screened during the festival.

Go on and make films: Dan Wolman

The 71-year-old energetic filmmaker, Dan Wolman believes that there should be no hesitation and barriers when it comes to making films. His film ‘Gei Oni’ was screened Saturday at the festival. ‘Gei Oni’ was adapted from Shulamit Lapid’s novel, and Wolman says he was fascinated when he read it. Very successful in Israel, the film has won awards from countries like China, France, Germany and recently awarded the ‘Best Film’ in the World Cinema section of the Delhi International Film Festival.

The film is set some 140 years back. How relevant is the film to Israel today?
The political conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is a very major thing. Through ‘Gei Oni’ we see how the seed of what continues today was just being sown. The Jewish people actually paid money for the land they occupied and since Palestine was a part of the Ottoman Empire then, there were Arabs living peacefully alongside the Jews and the Palestinians. That was a different relationship then.

Many people see the film as a picture of the old Israel. The spirit of helping one another was very strong at that time and there was something very pure. Also, I think people liked the film because there was something very naïve there.

What’s the most important thing to remember while adapting literature into a film?
I like to see it as a spring board. I don’t believe that I need to stick to every plot of the book to the last detail. I made a film called ‘My Michael’, which was a very popular book by perhaps the most popular author of my country. The book is very metaphorical, and there’s not much action in it. So if I had made a film sticking to every detail of the book, then I would just have a woman sitting on a chair with her head full of thoughts.

I take the idea not the entire thing. Even with ‘Gei Oni’, I changed the ending. In the novel, the hero dies but I made sure that the characters have a happy ending. Someone wrote to me, ‘Dan thanks for taking me from the land of words to the land of images with no pain’. That makes me think that I didn’t betray the novel.

What suggestion do you have for aspiring filmmakers?
I see most young filmmakers fear. They think that to make a film takes a lot of money. But something has happened because of digital photography. It’s so simple to make a films now. Write a script, get some friends and shoot on a weekend. I’m trying to give strength to people to not be afraid and just go ahead.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Journalists, civil society members hail implementation of new Pak-India visa regime

Journalists from the Indo-Pak region and members of the civil society are hailing the new Pak-India agreement on visa regime, terming the implementation of relaxed visa policy in both countries as a good development.

According to Radio Pakistan, analysts and members of the civil society showed hope that this policy would help maintain cordial relations between both the neighbouring countries in the future.

Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) head Ahmad Bilal Mehbood said that implementation of the new visa regime would have a positive impact on bilateral relations between the two countries, adding that people to people contact, trade ties and tourism could be promoted between the two neighbouring countries. He further said that such steps would also reduce tensions and would increase mutual trust between Pakistan and India.

Former ambassador of Pakistan B A Malik termed the implementation of the new visa regime as a great achievement of the governments of Pakistan and India.

Talking to Radio Pakistan he said it was a good development as it would make travelling easy for the people living on both sides of the border.

He further said that both countries should make advancement towards normalization of ties. He hoped that with the passage of time, visa restrictions in both countries would end, and like the European Union countries, people from either side would be able to travel easily across the border.

Replying to a question, Malik said that the Kashmir issue would also be resolved if both countries were to continue walking on the road of friendship.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MNA Pilwasha Behram said that implementation of the new visa regime would enhance trust level between the two countries, adding that both sides wanted people to people contact for the promotion of peace and trade.

Professor of Political Science in New Delhi University Navita Chitta Behra said that Indo-Pak relations would improve and people of both countries would be benefited by an increase in mass level contact as a result of the new visa policy.

Talking to Radio Pakistan via phone from New Delhi, she said there were some elements with vested interests who did not want good relations between both the neighboring countries.

She said these elements could be checked by applying public pressure in both countries and by ensuring that a democratic system continued to prevail on both sides of the border.

Senior Indian journalist Venod Kumar Sharma had welcomed the move of making the new Pak-India visa regime operational.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that families divided by the border in both the countries had taken a sigh of relief after the new visa regime was introduced.

It is worth mentioning here that the new visa regime was signed by both countries in September this year, however, an announcement regarding its implementation had been made during the recent meeting of interior ministers of both countries’ in New Delhi.

According to the new visa policy, senior citizens of both countries who were beyond 65 years of age and children less than 12 years of age would be issued two years multiple visa.

Other citizens from both the countries who wanted to visit either Pakistan or India would be provided visa of five cities in each country.

Monday, December 10, 2012

BawBags – Verrückte Unterwäsche für die Kronjuwelen

BawBags – eine Unterwäschemarke mit Charakter. In UK schon ein Hit, kommt die schottische Unterwäschemarke jetzt nach Deutschland. Eine Anzüglichkeit vorweg: wörtlich übersetzt bedeutet das Wort “BawBags” so viel wie “Hodensack”, “Eiertasche” oder “Murmelbeutel”. Hier ein Einblick in die Welt der verrückten Boxershorts.
BawBags in BawBags – Verrückte Unterwäsche für die Kronjuwelen
BawBags – immer die richtige Verpackung

Aus dem Alkohol geboren

Die beiden schottischen Firmengründer, Colin Reid und Midge Whyte, haben die Idee zu BawBags in einem schottischen Pub bekommen. Als die beiden Freunde massenweise Whiskeys und Bier konsumiert haben, ist ihnen irgendwann die Idee gekommen, dass der Unterwäschebranche eines fehlt: Eier. Denn um diese zu schützen, gibt es immerhin Unterwäsche, warum also haben die Firmen, die diese Wäsche herstellen, keine?
Darum wollten die beiden Schotten “Baws”, schottischer Slang für “Eier”, in das Design bringen. Und so sehen die Kreationen dann auch aus: keine langweiligen, einfallslosen Unterhosen, sondern freche, kreative Schöpfungen, die zeigen, dass der Träger der Unterhose dieselbe auch ausfüllen kann. Die verrückte Unterwäsche der Schotten zeigt zum Beispiel Kussmünder, die der Betrachterin sofort verraten, was der Träger denn von ihr gedenkt zu tun (BawBags Lips).

Doch auch abseits der horizontalen Herausforderung bieten die Unterhosen so einiges.

So gehört zu der Unterwäsche ein immer wieder kehrendes Maskottchen: der Bawrilla – dieser scheint eine Verwandtschaft mit dem Gorilla zu haben. Natürlich gibt es deshalb auch das Designs BawBags Monkey (—Herren-Boxershort—Style–Monkey-Black.html) Auch die Ankunft der ersten Pandabären im Zoo von Edinburgh hat Unterwäsche hervorgebracht. Logischerweise unter dem Namen Pandadesign.

Mut zur Hodenkrebsvorsorge

Das schottische Label wurde dabei zwar als Spaßlabel gegründet, verkauft inzwischen aber bereits mehr als 30.000 Produkte monatlich, sowohl im Laden, als auch online im eshop. Besonders online erfreuen sich die Unterhosen der beiden Schotten steigender Beliebtheit.

Im firmeneigenen eshop oder auf anderen Wegen, die Kunde von der Kreation der Schotten, macht immer mehr von sich reden. Im kommenden Februar werden die BawBags sogar auf der ISPO in München einen eigenen Stand haben.

Doch nicht nur der firmeneigene Shop führt die verrückte Unterwäsche der Schotten, auch die Firma, die dem  eshop seinen Namen gibt, vertreibt die Wäsche. Die eShop Manager AG ist innerhalb Deutschlands für den Vertrieb der schottischen Wäschekreationen, sowohl online als auch offline, verantwortlich (mehr Informationen dazu unter

Und da Unterwäsche die Eier des Mannes schützt, sollen diese auch richtig geschützt werden. Hodenkrebs ist besonders im jungen Alter unter allen Krebsarten am weitesten verbreitet. Genau bei diesem Alter will die eShop Manager AG für Aufklärung über Hodenkrebs sorgen. Aus diesem Grunde spendet BawBags einen Teil seiner Einnahmen an Stiftungen, die Aufklärung betreiben. Die Unterwäschemarke ist zwar durchaus etwas verrückt, aber keineswegs oberflächlich. BawBags zeigt, dass der Spaß im Leben und die Tiefgründigkeit im Handeln Hand in Hand gehen können.